#Increased power in petrol direct injection engines

19 / July 2021
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Increased power in petrol direct injection engines

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Increased power in petrol direct injection engines

By now we see many acronyms on cars that indicate this type of petrol injection system, just mention the abbreviations FSI or TFSI, surely we all know them. There are many car manufacturers that have invested in this technology, among the first we can remember the Mitsubishi GDI, then followed by many others such as the aforementioned Audi and VW, but also BMW and Mercedes and many other car manufacturers.

How does gasoline direct injection work?

Do you remember the old carburetors? The first mechanical gasoline injection systems followed the more outdated carburetor system, and then came the first single-point injection systems. This system is composed of a single electro-injector mounted in place of the carburetor with an electronic control unit that manages the electromagnetic control. This type of system was not very popular and was soon replaced by the more refined multi-point injection system (still in use today), which has an electro-injector for each cylinder placed on the intake manifold near the inlet valve.

This sequential system has been perfected over the years thanks to increasingly complex, fast, and refined technology. This and the previous single-point system are part of the indirect injection systems, meaning the fuel mixture is prepared outside the cylinder. On the other hand, direct petrol injection systems, despite differences in construction and working pressures, are very similar to the common-rail systems used on diesel engines. Each cylinder has its own electro-injector positioned approximately at the center of the manifold. The injectors are fed with pressurized gasoline (higher than indirect injection systems) that is stored in the flute (just like on Diesel engines), and the injectors themselves are controlled by sophisticated electronic control units.

The main advantages concern gasoline consumption. Thanks to the position of the injector, stratified charges can be created at low engine loads, making it possible to work with low gas mixtures that do not necessarily have to respect the stoichiometric ratio. This results in greater efficiency and, therefore, an increase in mileage per liter of gasoline. The best results are obtained with turbocharged engines, such as the already mentioned TFSI (where the T stands for turbo), Mercedes turbocharged engines with direct injection, among others.

How can I increase the power of a gasoline direct injection engine?

The least invasive solution that allows the restoration of the standard conditions without leaving any evidence and without making any irreversible changes is installing an additional chip tuning unit for direct injection engines. CHIPBOX, which many people know by now, is easily installed by attaching connectors to the wiring harness of the engine injection system.

The digital electronics inside the chip tuner read the values of gasoline injection pressure, the turbocharging value, the injection phase of the engine and intervene to modify the quantity of gasoline injected by the injectors, acting on the turbo pressure of the engine. This increases the energy of every single active phase of the engine with a consequent increase of maximum torque and power. The digital maps inside CHIPBOX contain the preset parameters to implement targeted changes to the engine management system while leaving total control of all safety functions to the car's original control unit (ECU). The ECU is not affected by the installation of the chip tuning module.

In fact, it is an external digital electronic unit that works together with the ECU without requiring any mechanical modifications, electronic modifications, or reprogramming of the original ECU. Removing CHIPBOX, you can immediately bring the engine back to factory settings. The increases in power and torque are very significant. For example, a 2-liter turbocharged engine with direct injection can gain as much as 50/70Nm of maximum torque and 30/40 more horsepower (indicatively as it varies from model to model). Plus, if driven with care, you can even optimize fuel consumption! If you want to increase the power of your car with direct petrol injection, look for your specific model in our catalog and see what increases in power and torque you can get with the simple installation of CHIPBOX.

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