#Common Rail Chip Tuning Module for Alfa Romeo

19 / July 2021
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Common Rail Chip Tuning Module for Alfa Romeo

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Alfa Romeo 1900 Common Rail Chip Tuning Module

There's a lot of history here. The Alfa Romeo was one of the first car manufacturers to introduce a common-rail turbodiesel on the market with the 4-cylinder 1900JTD used on 146, 147, 156 (also used on the Fiat Marea JTD, Bravo, Brava JTD, and other Fiat-Alfa-Lancia group cars). Now, let's have a closer look at how this first edition JTD was made and what advantages it had over the previous indirect injection versions.


The Alfa Romeo 1900 Turbodeisels from the 90’s – 2000’s

Before the JTD, the Alfa Diesel 1900s were powered by a 4-cylinder with 2 valves per cylinder, a single overhead camshaft, turbocharger with waste-gate, air-to-air intercooler, mechanical rotary injection pump, and indirect diesel injection. The result was an honest 90 hp. With the advent of the Bosch common-rail, everything changed for the better, mainly because it was possible to separate the generation of injection pressure from the initial engine phase for the first time. Furthermore, and this is fundamental, it was possible to considerably increase the pressure with the use of electro-injectors (electromagnetically controlled) capable of making more injections per cycle (pre-injection, main injection, post-injection). The same architecture (4 cylinders with only 2 valves per cylinder) provided a 15 horsepower gain, a fair share of extra torque, and almost no exhaust fumes, thanks to a sophisticated ECU-controlled diesel injection.


The Second Evolution of the Alfa Romeo 1900JTD

The first JTD, like the previous pre-chamber version, has a supercharger with a fixed geometry turbocharger, while the second model, used on the Alfa 156 and others, has a variable geometry turbocharger with VNT vane pneumatic actuation controlled by the ECU. This increases the power to 115 hp. Already with these first two Alfa common-rail engines, the 105 hp and 115 hp had great satisfaction in terms of increased torque and power thanks to our chip tuning additional modules. This is especially true for the versions with the variable turbo geometry, where the engine can work with a moderate but significant increase in boost pressure.


The Alfa Romeo 1900JTD 16V Model

With the introduction of a cylinder head with a double camshaft and 4 valves per cylinder, the performance boost becomes more noticeable, reaching 140 hp with more attractive results. For example, we obtained an increase of over 30hp on the 147 1.9JTDm 140hp, bringing the 16-valve 1900 turbodiesel to over 170hp of maximum power with an excellent torque value and an outstanding engine response. All this was achieved by simply installing CHIPBOX, which connects to the original connectors on the Bosch common rail injection system and to the MAP sensor (for detecting the turbo pressure). Subsequently, the 16V 1900 switched to a 150 hp engine, widely used on Alfa 159 also adopted by other car manufacturers, such as Opel and SAAB (on the 9-3 and 9-5 1.9TiD). With 150hp and about 305Nm of maximum torque (depending on the application), this engine is particularly brilliant, even if a bit sluggish below 2000 rpm. In the 2000s (and later and to some extent still today), we received many requests for chip tuning units to upgrade Alfa Romeos, Fiats, and Opels with this engine. The increase in power is similar to that already mentioned for the 147 JTDm 140hp, but here you get even more satisfaction because of the better delivery at low and medium rpm, and the increase of speed towards the top of the speedometer completes the circle, providing much more satisfying acceleration, recovery and speed.


The Most Powerful Version of the Alfa Romeo 1900JTD

Alfa decided to go further and finally reached the 170hp threshold! The widespread 1910cc is customized to be installed under the hood of a very special car, the 147 Ducati Corse, a special version of the best-selling 147 with a common rail 1900 16V under the hood and special tuning. It can generate 170 hp at 3750 rpm and has a strong torque of 330 Nm, enough to push the 147 Ducati Corse to 215 km/h with 0-100 acceleration in 8 seconds flat.


The New Alfa Romeo 2 Liter Common Rail Engines

After the various developments of the 1. 9JTD and then the JTDm, now Alfa presents the new and more modern line of 2-liter (1956cc) common-rail turbodiesel engines with different power variations: 136hp, 140hp, 150hp, 170hp, 175hp... but we will talk about these in another article, perhaps on a specific Alfa Romeo model with one of these engines for which - we can assure you already - excellent increases in power and torque can be obtained with CHIPBOX. As always, all this can be obtained without making any modifications and with the possibility of restoring everything to its original condition without leaving a trace.

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