#How to increase the Performance in the BMW 184hp Engines

08 / June 2021
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How to increase the Performance in the BMW 184hp Engines

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Chip Tuning Additional Modules for BMW 184hp Engines

Why are we talking about a power rating today and not a specific BMW model? The answer is this; we want to compare two different BMW Diesel engines that have the same power but several years and 2 cylinders of difference. Which engines are we talking about? In chronological order, we will talk about the 3-liter inline 6-cylinder engine and then about the more modern 2-liter 4-cylinder engine, which is still widely used in the current vehicle fleet. It is possible to obtain excellent power and torque increases on this engine with the simple installation of a chip tuning unit that operates parallel to the car's ECU. The references to the 3000 hexa-cylinder are intended for comparing the two very different designs and capacities that share the same maximum power level of 184hp!


Let's start with the chip tuning modules for the 184 HP 6 cylinder BMW 3.0d.

This engine was BMW's first 3-liter common-rail engine. It was installed in the first 330d, 530d E39, 730d, and also in the first X5 3.0d. It is a 6 cylinder inline engine with 4 valves per cylinder, 2 overhead camshafts, variable geometry intake manifolds, variable geometry turbocharger with electronically controlled pneumatic actuation, air-to-air intercooler, and a first-generation common-rail system. These were the end of the '90s when this 3-liter turbodiesel was the most powerful in the world installed on mass-produced cars. It had 184hp at 4000 rpm, a maximum torque of 390Nm available at 1750 rpm, and a 5-speed manual or automatic Steptronic gearbox. The 5 Series sedan with this engine reaches about 225 Km/h and accelerates from 0 to 100 in about 8 seconds, a record for the 90s. With a good SELETRON chip tuning unit, connected to the turbo pressure sensor (located on the rear of the engine towards the passenger compartment) and the common-rail pressure control sensor (located on the intake manifold at the top of the engine, on the passenger compartment side), you get a substantial increase in power, to the order of about 40 hp with an equal increase in maximum torque, which can also exceed 450 Nm peak. The 530d with a chip tuning additional module receives a boost previously unseen at that time, and even the lighter and more maneuverable 330d gains impressive acceleration and recovery!


Chip Tuning Additional Modules for 4 Cylinder 184 hp BMW 2.0d

Fast forward about 15 years, and here is the comparison. The current 2-liter BMW has 2 cylinders less and a displacement of 2/3 compared to the 6-cylinder we just talked about. Yet, it has the same horsepower. So, let's look at how this popular engine is structured. As mentioned, this is an inline 4-cylinder, still with 4 valves per cylinder and a system capable of modifying the fluid dynamics of the intake manifolds. The turbocharger, naturally with variable geometry, has a faster and more precise system of electronic actuation of the vanes on the turbine's hot side. The injection system is still common-rail but of a more advanced generation and with higher injection pressures. This 4-cylinder engine also has a particulate filter, a device not present on the 3-liter engine mentioned above ( the particulate filter made its debut on the 530d 218 hp in the 2000s). Also, the electronic control inside the ECU is completely different from the ECU that manages the engine control of the 6-cylinder 184hp. The engine management calculations are much faster and more precise, especially regarding the multiple injections that the 2-liter common-rail can manage. The power is the same. The engine torque of the 4-cylinder is very similar, delivering 380 Nm. This engine is extremely popular, and we have already talked about it other times, as it is installed in many BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, X3, but also in the bigger 5 Series.
Also, in this case, actually, even more so, the additional SELETRON chip tuning unit can make a big difference. Here the increase in power is +35hp with a maximum torque of +76Nm (talking about the 520d 184hp, but it is similar for other BMWs with this engine). How about the installation of the chip tuning module? It's even simpler than on the 3 liters engine of the late '90s because the common-rail sensor is now located on the front of the engine in a very easy-to-reach position. The same goes for the other connection point, the MAP sensor (which detects the boost pressure), which is now located on the side of the intake manifold (and no longer at the bottom of the engine near the bulkhead) in a very easy to reach position. The accurate digital electronic management allows the CHIPBOXchip tuning additional module to intervene on the two engines with very different parameters using the same principle: the control of turbocharging and diesel injection, leading to very significant increases in torque and power. BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, 5 Series, and other cars with the same engine can see the power rise to about 220hp with over 450Nm of torque! These values obviously greatly improve the acceleration and recovery capability of these BMWs.

Restore your BMW engine to factory settings.

We have already talked about the advantages that a good chip tuning module has over remapping the ECU. One of the most important benefits is that the engine performance can be restored to factory settings without making any changes and without leaving indelible traces (like remapping the ECU). On both engines, whether we are talking about the 6-cylinder (including powers beyond 184hp, such as 193hp, 204hp, 218hp, 231hp, 245hp, 258hp, and later) or the 2000d, just unhook the connectors in the kit along with the chip tuning additional module and everything goes back to the stock configuration. This is a very important perk. We have talked about these two very different but similar engines to show how technology has changed in recent years. Increasingly sophisticated electronics, more effective turbochargers with much higher boost pressures, and injection systems capable of working with higher pressures and more injections per cycle have made it possible to raise the specific power to the point of obtaining the same power and torque with the 2-liter BMW as with the 3-liter! If you are looking for a clean and reliable way to increase the power of your BMW, look for your car model (gasoline or diesel) in our catalog. The kit will be delivered to your home with the specific chip tuning unit already programmed for your engine. You will receive the original wiring harnesses and connectors for quick installation without any modification and complete instructions with photos of your BMW engine. We remind you as always that SELETRON upgrade kits are produced in Italy and distributed and appreciated in many countries around the world for the electronic processing of diesel and gasoline cars!

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