#How to increase the power and torque of the BMW 630d G32 265cv?

20 / May 2021
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How to increase the power and torque of the BMW 630d G32 265cv?

Seletron Performance

BMW 630d G32 265hp electronic tuning

How is this 6 Series after SELETRON's tuning treatment? The stats of this BMW Series-6 seem designed to put a smile on your face: 265hp as standard, 620Nm available between 2000 and 2500 rpm (maximum power expressed at 4000 rpm), 250Km/h real speed, and a 0-100 sprint in 6 seconds flat.


BMW 630d G32 265hp with a chip tuning module

This inline 6-cylinder is beautiful and is yet another (very successful) evolution of the 2993 cc that has everything there should be! The unitary displacement of about 0.5 liters (considered optimal for a turbo diesel), 2 overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, intake manifolds with variable fluid dynamics, large turbocharger with electric control of the variable geometry on the "hot" side, well-dimensioned intercooler, a common rail system of the latest generation, and, for the cherry on top, a careful ECU tuning complete the picture of one of the best turbodiesels on the market.

The all-wheel-drive and the 8-speed automatic transmission make the most of the thrust of this hexa-cylinder, which is especially necessary after the SELETRON treatment. After installing the chip tuning unit CHIPBOX, the delivery is very different because the maximum torque value reaches that of a truck (680 Nm!!!). Maybe because of the 300 horsepower released, or maybe because the engine response becomes feisty, the fact is that the 630d pushes to make an impression!

This engine is also quiet, does not vibrate, pushes hard, and does not even consume much diesel, especially when you consider that we are talking about a luxury sedan weighing over 18 tons. After the installation of the CHIPBOX control unit, it has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h under 6 seconds! Those who know what to do with their right foot can also save on diesel consumption thanks to 10% higher mileage than the standard 630d!


How can the BMW 630d G32 265hp be upgraded?

It's simple, very simple. Order the upgrade kit, and you will receive an elegant (yet sporty) package straight to your home that is exciting to open. Inside there is chip tuning additional unit of excellent workmanship, designed and produced 100% in Italy (where we understand something about engines, especially common rail, you might say), and appreciated throughout Europe and beyond.

Lifting the contoured cardboard, you can see the excellent wiring harnesses complete with original BMW connectors for rapid connection without irreversible changes. The installation is very simple, the engine compartment of the 6 Series leaves ample space to reach the connectors of the engine wiring, where you simply hook the connectors supplied with the ECU like extensions (inside the package, you will also find something else, but we won't spoil the surprise).

A few minutes, no mechanical changes, no tampering with the ECU, no cables cut, in short ... nothing at all, just a simple and clean insertion of connectors to the original engine wiring. The ECU continues to do its (fine) work while the CHIPBOX gives a 38hp increase and 60Nm increase of the maximum torque, managing the injection system and the pressure of the variable geometry turbocharger optimally. Travel at 60km/h, put your foot to the pedal, and after just over 20 seconds, you are at 200km/h.

And if you want, you can bring everything back to factory settings by simply unhooking the original connectors on the various sensors, and that's it. The 630d goes back to what BMW originally produced without leaving a trace. Remember, we have twenty years of experience in the electronic processing of BMWs, and we offer the highest quality and most advanced technology for the tuning of this excellent 6-cylinder diesel. With the installation of the CHIPBOX chip tuning additional unit, you get 300hp of power, peak torque of 680Nm, and better acceleration and recovery!

Accelerator pedal module for the BMW 630d G32 265hp

If you want to make your 6 Series even more responsive, just add to your shopping cart also PEDALBOOSTER TOUCH. It's a small chip tuning module with 4 adjustable output levels that can be mounted on the accelerator pedal sensor. It eliminates the annoying delay in the response of the 6-cylinder to the accelerator commands. You will feel as if you are driving a lighter and sportier car, and you will be able to exploit the full potential of the 3-liter BMW!

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