#Chip Tuning for Alfa Romeo Mito

30 / August 2023
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Chip Tuning for Alfa Romeo Mito

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Tuning the Alfa Mito Diesel with a chip tuning unit

Alfa Romeo's little sports car; it's been a little while since we've talked about it, as we have probably been emphasizing turbo-gasoline engines. However, over the last few weeks, the inquiries we've received have reminded us that there are also many people intent on tuning their Mito Diesels (which, of course, are common-rail). Today we want to talk more about this popular little Alfa and the options to electronically tune the engine through the easy and safe installation of the CHIPBOX DIESEL chip tuning additional unit that gives this car a dose of power and torque that can completely change (for the better) the handling. Let's look at some data.


How much can the power and torque of the Alfa Mito Diesel increase with a chip tuning unit?

Below are the increases in horsepower and Nm (newton/meter) by engine type:


Alfa Romeo Mito 1.3Jtdm 16V 85hp

+19hp Power increase

+40Nm Torque increase


Alfa Romeo Mito 1.3Jtdm 16V 90hp

+21hp Power increase

+40Nm Maximum torque increase


Alfa Romeo Mito 1.3Jtdm 16V 95hp

+22hp Power increase

+40Nm Maximum torque increase


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The three engines shown have the same maximum torque of 200Nm. An increase of 40Nm guarantees a much more effective and sporty acceleration and recovery boost, partly because the 240Nm is delivered with more readiness and sportiness! The horsepower is a tad restrained for the mass of the Mito (which is not light), and reaches levels far more suitable for moving the car with ease, especially when fully loaded or going uphill. The 1300 common-rail turbo gains 19 to 22 horsepower depending on the engine version, and all 3 versions gain a strong thrust from the low revs and an elongation at the top of the rev counter that is unknown to the stock 4-cylinder 16V. You have to try it to believe it!


Installing the chip tuning module on the Alfa Mito Diesel

As on almost all turbodiesels, we have developed a specific version for this now tried-and-true little 1300 common-rail that acts on both the direct injection system and the system that senses and manages the boost pressure. This is done through internal digital maps that process the signals sent to the ECU. We would like to remind you that this is not a remapping of the Mito's ECU but the installation of an external kit consisting of our CHIPBOX DIESEL chip tuning unit and automotive wiring harnesses equipped with genuine connectors for an easy and safe installation that is completely reversible. Everything can be restored to stock conditions without leaving behind any signs.


Advantages to installing a chip tuning unit on the Alfa Mito Diesel

- easy and safe do-it-yourself installation

- high power increase, up to 22hp

- high maximum torque increase, +40Nm

- sportier and more agile driving

- increased acceleration

- greater recovery

- easier uphill climbing

- greater high rev range

- optimization of diesel consumption

- no violation of the Alfa ECU

- no mechanical modifications


Alfa Mito Accelerator pedal module

For all Mito gasoline and diesel cars, our PEDALBOOSTER is available, which eliminates the delay in engine response to accelerator pedal commands. The kit installs easily and without needing to modify the accelerator pedal position sensor. It can be configured in various modes according to driving conditions, such as for sportier use or city driving. By ordering the CONNECT version, you can adjust the engine response from your smartphone! That's right, and you can also control engine power from your smartphone if you also order CHIPBOX CONNECT; the performance of your Mito is just a touch away on your cell phone's screen! This is the ultimate Italian automotive technology applied to electronic tuning. The Bluetooth system allows the external chip tuner to communicate with your smartphone, letting you decide what output and power your Alfa Romeo's engine should deliver!


All the kits we offer, including those for Alfa Mito, are easy to assemble/disassemble and do not require any mechanical or electronic changes to be made. Everything can be restored to stock condition without leaving a trace. We also remind you that the car's stock ECU is not physically tampered with or hacked through software rewriting (commonly called ECU remapping). Installation is achieved by simply plugging in genuine connectors included in the wiring harnesses supplied with all our chip-tuning additional units. Installation is facilitated by clear instructions showing photos of the Mito model engine on which it is to be installed.


The kits are made in Italy and come with our official SELETRON warranty and TUV Austria certification, further proof of the high quality of the power enhancement kits we offer.


To safely tune your Alfa Romeo, click here https://seletron.com/en/shop/alfa-romeo/. For maximum performance and driving enjoyment with the ability to customize your engine's power, torque, and delivery, we suggest you order both CHIPBOX (the kit for increased power and torque) and the PEDALBOOSTER module for eliminating engine response lag!


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