#Tune the VW Golf TSI with a chip tuning module

22 / May 2023
Tune the VW Golf TSI with a chip tuning module

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How to tune the VW Golf TSI with a chip tuning module?


The Golf was and still is one of the most tuned cars ever. Our loyal readers may know we have already been working intensively on the VW Golf 4 models that were equipped with electronically controlled Bosch rotary (direct) injection pump turbodiesels, like the legendary 1.9TDI with 90hp or 110hp, the 4-cylinders that mounted a turbocharger with waste-gate (90hp) or with the innovative VNT system (110hp), then with the still innovative 1900TDI with PDE (injector pump) injection system with power outputs of 101hp, 105hp, 115hp, 130hp, and 150hp. Even today, the Golf is one of the most tuned cars, both the turbodiesel engines (today all common-rail) and the turbo-petrol engines, which we will talk about today.



How to increase the power and torque of the Golf TSI with a chip tuning unit?


Requests for tuning start from the desire to increase the performance of the Golf, which is not always dependent (as with other brands) on absolute poor standard performance, but on that quest for performance enhancement and customization that some Golf owners seek. We certainly cannot talk about the increases in power and torque with chip tuning units on all Golf models (there are so many engines), but we can bring some significant examples of electronic tuning of some of the most popular TSI engines starting, for example, with the Golf 1.4TSI.


How to tune the VW Golf 1.4 TSI with a chip tuning module?


Remember that the acronym TSI indicates that these are engines with a direct gasoline injection system and turbocharging. This combination paves the way for effective and safe electronic tuning capable of significantly increasing power and torque while optimizing gasoline consumption. Let's give a few examples, then we'll talk about how easy it is to install our kits:


VW Golf 1.4 TSI 122hp

Power increase of + 28hp

Torque increase of + 40Nm


VW Golf 1.4 TSI 125hp

Power increase of + 29hp

Torque increase of + 40Nm


VW Golf 1.4 TSI 140hp

Power increase of + 32hp

Torque increase of + 50Nm


VW Golf 1.4 TSI 150hp

Power increase of + 28hp

Torque increase of + 50Nm


As you can deduce right away, the power increases that can be obtained are significant, as is the case for the maximum torque that varies from 200Nm to 250Nm as standard on these engines, depending on the version. This means that the most powerful versions of Golf 1400 TSI can claim (with the installation of the CHIPBOX chip tuning unit) almost 180 horsepower and maximum torque peaks of 300Nm, values delivered by a good 3000 naturally aspirated gasoline! Before moving on to examples of what can be achieved on the more powerful 2.0TSI, we just want to talk to you for a moment about how simple it is to install our VW Golf upgrade kit.


As mentioned many other times, we do not interfere with the stock engine ECU, nor do we remap the ECU. We provide an external kit to install that can be fitted and removed in a few minutes without leaving a trace. What are the main advantages over remapping the stock ECU?


First of all, this is a completely reversible tuning; if needed, you can remove the chip tuning additional unit at any time and bring the Golf back to stock performance (with remapping, you have to go back to the tuner who did it and hope they still have your original files). The increases in power and torque are safe, while a remapping would possibly be done by inexperienced people and could cause serious damage. The CHIPBOX chip tuning unit, on the other hand, leaves all engine safety controls in the hands of the original ECU, and the VW Golf's ECU is not remotely affected, neither at the software level nor at the physical level.


There is no loss of any warranty; once the kit is disassembled, there is no proof of its installation. YOU can decide what power the engine of your Golf TSI should deliver. If you order the CONNECT version of CHIPBOX, you can select the original power or the tuned power from your smartphone through a specific APP designed by SELETRON. It sounds unbelievable, but it is true; with our kits, you can decide the power delivery of the TSI engine with a simple touch on your smartphone, and that's not all.


We also have a second kit available for your Golf called PEDALBOOSTER, which attaches to the accelerator pedal just as simply as the chip tuning additional unit and allows you to eliminate the annoying delay in engine response to accelerator pedal commands, making driving even more pleasant and engaging. PEDALBOOSTER is also available in a CONNECT version, and again you can select various driving modes from your smartphone!


Find your Golf TSI model here https://seletron.com/en/shop/vw/ and see which electronic chip tuning kits are available for your car. Now, let's get back to the most powerful TSIs!


How to tune the VW Golf 2.0 TSI with the chip tuning unit?


Here are some examples of how you can easily and safely tune your Golf 2000 TSI. What was said about tuning the less powerful 1400 TSI also applies to these more powerful 2-liter turbocharged gasoline cars; if you order the CONNECT versions of CHIPBOX and PEDALBOOSTER, you can manage the power, torque, and engine output easily from your smartphone. Now, let's look at some examples of power and torque increases you can achieve on the 2-liter turbocharged gasoline direct injection cars!


VW Golf 2.0 TSI 220hp

Power increase of + 35hp

Torque increase of + 58Nm


VW Golf 2.0 TSI 230hp

Power increase of + 39hp

Torque increase of + 57Nm


VW Golf 2.0 TSI 245hp

Power increase of + 46hp

Torque increase of + 55Nm


We repeat that this tuning does not consist in remapping the car's ECU but in installing an external Plug&Play kit that you can install yourself and remove if necessary at any time without leaving any traces and without voiding the warranty.


Find your Golf TSI or TDI model here https://seletron.com/en/shop/vw/ and see which electronic chip tuning kits are available for your car.