#Chip Tuning for BMW 535d

02 / March 2023
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Chip Tuning for BMW 535d

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BMW 535d Chip Tuning Additional Units


The 35d label first appeared on the E60 and E61 Series 5s, and contrary to what many believed (in the past at least), the acronym doesn't refer to the 3500cc displacement (which is actually 2993cc) but to the new (for the time at least) two-stage turbocharging technology implemented on the 3-liter common-rail turbodiesel.


Technical Characteristics of the First BMW 535d


The first 535d to come to market was the E60/61 with the classic 2993cc with 6 inline cylinders, 4-valves per cylinder, variable geometry intake manifolds, and a Bosch common-rail injection. Previous versions of this inline 6 had a maximum output of 218hp, 231hp, and 235hp and used a single variable geometry turbocharger with VNT drive via an electric motor.


The 535d, on the other hand, features the twin-turbo solution but not the classic (and still rare) symmetrical turbocharging with 2 turbochargers of equal size. Here we have the first sequential turbocharging system using one small and one large turbocharger. A series of valves (as well as a VNT drive) allows exhaust gas flows to be diverted to the small turbine only (low rpm), to both turbines (medium rpm), or to the large turbine only (medium-high rpm).


This makes it possible to reduce turbo-lag to almost zero at low engine speedsand, at the same time, to achieve great power at higher engine speeds, where other turbodiesels begin to trail. The result is an impressive 272 horsepower at 4400 rpm with a noteworthy torque of 560Nm. These figures are very high and allow the E60 to reach a speed of 250Km/h with 0-100 acceleration in just 6.5 seconds. The transmission is automatic only, with the 6-speed Steptronic linked to rear-wheel drive. The sound of this bi-turbodiesel also differs from other classically supercharged versions, and the 535d immediately wins many admirers.


Technical Specs of later BMW 535d Versions


Shortly after the presentation of the 272hp version, the second model appeared, boasting some mechanical modifications and somewhat higher values with 286hp and 580Nm of maximum torque. These figures provided slight gains on the already excellent acceleration values. The versions released later on the market are the F07-10-11 series produced from 2009, the strongest of which has 300hp (600Nm of maximum torque) and 313hp (630Nm of maximum torque), and the most powerful of which zips along with a zero-to-60Km per hour acceleration in just over 5 seconds!


BMW 535d Performance Increase with the CHIPBOX Chip Tuning Unit


We have already mentioned the extensive interest in these bi-turbo Diesel engines elsewhere in the tuning world back in the 2000s when the first 35d engines appeared. Our chip tuning modules immediately generate significant power and torque increases on these high-performance 3-liters with 6 inline cylinders and bi-stage turbocharging. The connection does not require any irreversible modifications. On all BMW 35d's, the chip tuners can be installed and removed in just a few minutes without leaving evidence. Now let's see what increases in power and torque are possible with our CHIPBOX Plug&Play Kit on the various versions of this excellent engine.


BMW 5 Series E60 - E61 35d 272hp version

+52hp Power Increase

+67Nm Torque Increase


BMW 5 Series E60 - E61 35d 286hp version

+50hp Power Increase

+60Nm Torque Increase


BMW 5 Series F07-10-11 35d 300hp version

+57hp Power Increase

+72Nm Torque Increase


BMW 5 Series F07-10-11 35d 313hp version

+50hp Power Increase

+70Nm Torque Increase


As can be seen from this simple overview, it is immediately clear that the BMW 5 Series bi-turbo performance becomes exciting, with very high torque available even at low revs (peaking at 700Nm on the most powerful versions) and a high rev range unknown to the vast majority of diesels in circulation. Of course, what has been said for the various 5 Series also applies to the German manufacturer's other models, like the X5, 3 Series, 4 Series, 6 Series, and in general, all models that feature the 6-cylinder inline 3000 turbo diesel.


If you are also looking for a smart, high-performance, safe, and fully reversible solution for boosting the power of your BMW 535d (and more), search for your specific model here https://seletron.com/en/shop/bmw/ You will receive a kit shipped directly to your home complete with instructions for an easy and safe assembly without the need to make mechanical or electronic changes and with the possibility of returning everything to stock condition without leaving indelible traces


The original BMW ECU is not affected, as this is not a remapping but the installation of an external chip tuner (easily removable) that works together with the engine ECU to achieve excellent increases in power and torque, and thus in acceleration and recovery! All SELETRON kits come complete with wiring harnesses featuring authentic connectors and instructions, complete with photos specific to the engine on which it is to be installed. The kits are designed and manufactured in Italy with the best automotive components and wiring, are covered by an official warranty, and have the valuable TUV Austria Certification!