#Electronically upgrade the BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp with warranty

25 / February 2023
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Electronically upgrade the BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp with warranty

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How to electronically upgrade the BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp without voiding the warranty?

The X5 had a huge success, and we remember well how many we have tuned in the early 2000s when these all-wheel drive SUVs mounted the first 3-liter BMW common rail, which is the 6-cylinder in-line engine with 4 valves per cylinder, 2 overhead camshafts, variable geometry turbocharger with air-to-air intercooler, and the innovative (at the time) Bosch common-rail direct injection system. The power of this engine, which is still present on many models on the road, is 184hp.


Well, we were saying that we have tuned many X5s with the 184hp 3.0d, hundreds in the past years. After that, BMW, like the other major manufacturers, has introduced many other turbo diesel engines which, following technological improvements, have seen the power increase to 218 horsepower, then to 231hp, 235hp, 245hp, then to 286hp with the first sequential bi-turbo Diesel already appeared on the Series 5 (first in 272hp version then 286hp). Today we have reached much higher powers and torque values on the 3-liter BMW common-rail Diesel.


How does the stock BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp perform?

The large X5 has come to mount one of the most powerful 3000 single turbo common rails, in fact, the power is 265hp at 4000 rpm with a maximum torque of 620Nm. In this regard, we ask you who are reading this if these numbers sound familiar to you; does anything come to mind when you think of a 3-liter common rail with 265hp and 620Nm of maximum torque? Do you want a hint? Here's a clue: the engine in question is a V6 and not an L6 like on BMW... Well done! You guessed it, it's the Mercedes V6 350d! Returning to our X5, we were talking about how it performs with this inline 6-cylinder. Now, let's start by saying that this SUV has a curb weight that usually easily exceeds 2 tons, with this premise, we can say that it's not bad, given that it covers the 0-100 km/h in about 6.5 seconds with a top speed of about 230km/h.

BMW X5 265hp

How to electronically enhance the BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp, obtaining excellent increases in torque and power without voiding the manufacturer's warranty?


We have already discussed on other occasions how the traditional remapping of the BMW's ECU can lead to technical problems if carried out by non-experts, and how the rewriting of the internal files of the ECU leaves indelible traces that could invalidate the warranty. While ECU remapping is often the best solution for heavy tuning where other mechanical parts are also adjusted to meet sport or competition needs, it is not the ideal solution for safe, effective, and fully reversible modifications. SELETRON has developed a specific kit that can significantly improve performance and driving pleasure, and that can be easily installed (and removed) by anyone who has some manual skills, even without any motor or tuning knowledge.

The kit in question is called CHIPBOX and is composed of a sophisticated digital additional ECU that is simply installed in the engine compartment using high-quality wiring harnesses that mount BMW original connectors that are very similar to those on the X5's common rail engine. The installation simply requires that the additional ECU connectors be attached as simple extensions to some connectors and sensors on the engine. The instructions included in the kit (with clear photos of the BMW engine) make this installation easy and safe. As you may have guessed, there is no remapping of the car's ECU, no mechanical modifications, and no irreversible electronic modifications. It is simply the connection of an external ECU that works in perfect harmony with the original ECU, increasing power and torque values. But there is more...


How much does the power of the BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp increase with SELETRON's safe electronic chip tuning?

This is one of the most anticipated points in reading our articles! Readers want to immediately discover how much it is possible to increase the torque and power values of the common rail engine installed under the hood of their car. Let's satisfy you who are reading us right away. Well, after a few minutes needed to install the CHIPBOX kit, the power of the X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp immediately gets an increase of +40 horsepower and +60Nm of torque! We are talking about over 300 horsepower and 680 Nm of maximum torque with a completely different engine response! Obviously, the two tons of the X5 are moved much more effectively by the 3-liter supercharged engine, acceleration and recovery become more sporty, but it is the driving pleasure that is overturned (for the better) thanks to this electronic tuning; try it to believe it!

BMW X5 265hp

How is the power increase of the BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp managed with the installation of CHIPBOX?

What we haven't told you yet - and which has aroused the interest of many X5 and other BMW owners - is that in addition to not losing the warranty and being able to rely on a high-level kit produced in Italy, you can manage the performance of your X5 from your smartphone! Yes, if you order the CHIPBOX CONNECT power kit, you can use our specific APP to control the additional control unit and the engine performance. This means that you decide at any time the power that your BMW must deliver through simple commands available on the screen of your smartphone!


The advantages of electronic tuning of the BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp with CHIPBOX

We have talked about the problems that can arise with other types of invasive electronic tuning, here are the great advantages of installing the power kit designed by SELETRON for your BMW X5:


- +40hp power increase

- +60Nm torque increase

- engine power control from your smartphone

- diesel consumption optimization

- no loss of warranty

- easy installation

- easy to restore everything to stock conditions

- no irreversible modifications

- no ECU modification

- all ECU security controls remain active

Here's where to order the kit to increase the performance of your BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp safely and with the easy installation of an additional control unit produced with the highest quality and technology for automotive tuning:


Order now the BMW X5 Xdrive 30d 265hp tuning kit >>> https://seletron.com/en/shop/bmw/x5-g05-f95-2018-/xdrive-30d-265hp-195kw-2993ccm/