#Increase the power of Cupra Formentor KM7 VZ5 2.5 TSI 390cv without remapping

08 / March 2023
Increase the power of Cupra Formentor KM7 VZ5 2.5 TSI 390cv without remapping

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How to increase the power of Cupra Formentor KM7 VZ5 2.5 TSI 390cv without remapping?

The Formentor VZ5 sports car features a special Audi-derived engine with a 5-cylinder architecture and a 2.5-liter displacement. The designation is 2.5 TSI and this engine develops a power of 390cv. It is obviously an turbocharged gasoline engine, if not from the power, it is certainly recognized from the torque, since this has a value of 480Nm (specific torque of 192 Nm per liter). All this is transferred to the road via a 4Drive all-wheel drive and a 7-speed automatic DSG dual clutch transmission. Just to complete this brief presentation, let's say that the Cupra Formentor KM7 VZ5 2.5 TSI accelerates from zero to 100 in just 4.2 seconds.

As happens with other sports cars and even supercars (and on this topic we invite you to read us every week because there will be some great ones), there are demanding drivers among the Formentor VZ5 customers who demand more. But the Cupra Formentor KM7 VZ5 2.5 TSI is not remappable. Moreover, as we have seen on other models, remapping the ECU has some drawbacks, in any case, as mentioned, it is not possible (at least at the time of writing) to remap this Cupra sports car. The question then arises spontaneously.


Cupra Formentor 2.5 Engine

How to increase power and torque of Cupra Formentor KM7 VZ5 2.5 TSI 390cv without remapping the ECU of the car?

If you follow this technical section, you already know the answer. That's right! A CHIPBOX kit has been developed for this application. Audi TFSI engines are now our daily job and the powerful 5-cylinder of the VZ5 is no exception, we have in fact ready for some time a kit consisting of our digital external control unit that - intervening both on the injection system and on the supercharging system - guarantees excellent increases in power, torque and performance! Before we go to the numbers, we want to remind you of some strong points of this electronic elaboration:


  • you can install and remove this additional chip tuning unit yourself, without making any irreversible electronic or mechanical modification
  • installation is carried out with cables equipped with original Plug&Play connectors
  • the Formentor ECU is not touched and not reprogrammed
  • you do not lose the manufacturer's warranty
  • you get high levels of power and torque
  • you can manage the power of the 2.5TFSI from your Smartphone!


We still have a few things to tell you but we know that you're anxiously waiting to know those 2 magic numbers, those referring to the power increase value and the one related to the increase in engine torque. Well, here you are; you can immediately have an increase in power of +47 Hp and +60 Nm of maximum torque! That's right, you can feel the boost generated by the 5-cylinder turbo capable of reaching 540Nm with power of almost 440 Hp! We were saying that you can manage the power of the 2.5TFSI from your Smartphone, yes, because by ordering the CONNECT version of CHIPBOX, you can use our specific APP that allows you to control the additional chip tuning unit with a simple touch on the display of your Smartphone and determine which power the 5-cylinder turbocharged Cupra Formentor KM7 VZ5 should deliver, quite remarkable isn't it? Imagine the emotion you can feel when you press the accelerator pedal down to release all the power of the 2.5TFSI tuned, the Formentor shoots forward dropping below the 4-second threshold for the classic 0-100 reference, stuff for a pure supersport, stuff to put a sporting and expensive cars in trouble.

Cupra Formentor 2.5 Install


Well, we want to remind you of a few more things, first of all that the modification is completely reversible, not modifying the ECU control unit files (an indelible operation and anyway not possible on this model), everything can be returned to the standard power simply by disconnecting the kit connectors and restoring the connectors as they were originally (just follow the complete instructions with photos included in the kit). We then want to remind you that the kit is made in Italy with the best automotive components and with the best technologies for electronic tuning. SELETRON is a brand known and appreciated in various countries of the world, the kits also have TUV Austria certification and have been preferred for supersportive and luxury cars such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Aston Martin, Maserati and others. Those who seek the best for the safe electronic tuning of their car prefer CHIPBOX CONNECT.

To summarize; How to increase the power of Cupra Formentor KM7 VZ5 2.5 TSI 390cv without remapping?

By installing CHIPBOX you get an immediate increase in power of +47 bhp and +60Nm of maximum torque, all with the simple installation of an additional tuning kit that does not require any electronic or mechanical modification and can be removed without leaving any traces! Here's where to find the specific kit >>> CUPRA FORMENTOR VZ5 2.5 TSI

Cupra Formentor 2.5 CHIPBOX