#Chip Tuning Alfa Romeo Stelvio Diesel

22 / September 2022
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Chip Tuning Alfa Romeo Stelvio Diesel

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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Diesel Chip Tuners

A while back, we talked about how to increase the horsepower and torque of the Stelvio 2200 Diesel Veloce, the one with 210 horsepower. We are including an excerpt from that article and will include the link to the full piece, but we hope you will continue reading today's article, where we will discuss how to tune all Stelvio Diesel engines and not only the most powerful one in the list!

 “Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce 2.2 210hp Tuning

I believe this Stelvio is the best performing SUV with an engine displacement around 2-liter (Diesel) cars, at least compared to other cars of this size. Its performance is already great at factory settings because of the chassis (which resembles the Giulia), the suspension, and the powerful brakes. The 2200 common-rail diesel pushes well with its 210 horsepower, and the engine torque is also not bad for this displacement.

The Stelvio turbodiesel with the most powerful of the 2200s on the list (its also available in 150, 160, 180, and 190hp with torque values always above 400Nm), and gets amazing speed with 215 km/h (it is still a large SUV) but its acceleration values really shine. The inline 4-cylinder coupled with permanent all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission means it can dash 0-100 in 6.6 seconds. Its weight of just under 18 quintals certainly helps, but the engine puts its own spin on things. Driving it is truly spirited even at the top end, and the torque is a robust 470Nm, while the maximum power of 154 KW (today, I also feel like using kilowatts) is expressed at the not-so-high speed of 3750 rpm..."

READ THE COMPLETE ARTICLE HERE Chip Tuning for the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce 2.2 210hp (seletron.com)

But now let's get back to today's question, which is how to increase the power and torque of the 150hp, 160hp, 180hp, and 190hp versions of the Stelvio Diesel (we talked about the 210hp in depth in the article just mentioned). But first, let's answer another question that many people are asking; "what is the difference between engines with the same displacement and mounted on the same car but with different power outputs?" Let's take a closer look at that, then move on to tuning the Stelvio Diesel.

Many manufacturers offer cars with several different power ratings based on the same engine or, at least, the same displacement and architecture. There are so many examples we could give, and to name a few, we would start with AUDI, which over the years has offered 2-liter Diesel engines with power outputs of 150hp, 170hp, 177hp, 184hp, 190hp, and so on. BMW has also done the same, among other things, with quite similar power outputs: 150hp, 163hp, 177hp, 184hp, 190hp, 204hp, 218hp, 224hp, etc., etc. For example, FIAT (along with Lancia and Alfa Romeo, which share some of the same engines) also produced the 1300 multijets with power outputs of 69hp, 75hp, 85hp, 90hp, 95hp, and 105hp, all with 1300 displacement and 4 cylinders.

What, then, is different between these engines? Obviously, we cannot give a specific answer for each engine and each automaker; however, we can certainly make a broad generalization and see what parts are most different among the various power declinations of the same engine base. One of the most important elements is surely the turbocharger. It can be fixed-geometry (like with the less powerful 1300 multijet Fiat), it can be a pneumatically actuated variable geometry (the case with some higher-powered 1300 multijets Fiat), it can be an electrically actuated variable geometry (used by almost all modern turbodiesels), or there can even be a multi-stage supercharging system (for example, on the 2-liter BMWs with 204hp, 218hp, or 224hp). The turbocharger can also have different sizes, and simplifying the technical aspect as much as possible, we can say that a larger turbocharger allows higher maximum power and maximum torque at the expense of readiness at low revolutions. The supercharging system is one of the most decisive factors in terms of diversifying the performance of the same engine block.

Another key element is the engine management unit software. In some cases, minor power differences may depend solely on internal mappings. For example, a car manufacturer might list two identical 2-liter turbodiesel engines and adapt the electronic management to make them deliver 140hp or 160hp, depending on the version. Other elements that may differ in creating different power variations could be the cam axles, piston geometry, injectors and the injection system in general, the type of intercooler (different sizes or even architectures, such as air-to-air or air-to-water), the exhaust system, and more. The customization of these elements and the appropriate electronic management make it possible to have 4-cylinder, 2-liter engines with power ratings ranging from 120 to 220 horsepower! This is also the case with Alfa Stelvio, which has offered on the same SUV all 4-cylinder 2.2-liter engines with power outputs ranging from 150 to 210 horsepower.

How to safely boost the Stelvio Diesel's power and torque?

We provide a high-quality kit that allows you to immediately increase the performance of your Stelvio 2200 turbodiesel. The kit includes a chip tuning additional unit, and all the wiring harnesses for easy installation. Just hook the wiring harnesses in the kit up to the engine harness using the genuine connectors that are identical to those on the Stelvio. The installation (and disassembly) is really simple and, above all, requires no modifications; everything can be restored to stock conditions in minutes and without leaving a trace. What about the increases in power and torque? Let's look at them now on the different engines!


Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Diesel 150hp Chip Tuner

+26hp power increase and +60Nm of maximum torque

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Diesel 160hp Chip Tuner

+25hp power increase and +58Nm of maximum torque

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Diesel 180hp Chip Tuner

+24hp power increase and +56Nm of maximum torque

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Diesel 190hp Chip Tuner

+24hp power increase and +55Nm of maximum torque

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.2 Diesel 210hp Chip Tuner

+24hp power increase and +54Nm of maximum torque


These excellent power increases have been proven on the power dyno and are obtained without any mechanical modifications and without tampering with the stock Alfa Romeo ECU. These performance gains are achievable with our external kit, which can be removed at any time without any problem. That's not all, because by ordering the CHIPBOX CONNECT kit, you can control the chip tuning module and the power increase from your Smartphone! Thanks to the APP created by SELETRON, you can manage the power of your Stelvio Diesel from the comfort of your cell phone! Of course, our kits are also available for turbo-petrol Stelvios, browse our online catalog, search for your engine and review the power and torque increases you can expect. If you choose our kit, you are selecting a top-of-the-line Italian product, guaranteed and TUV Austria certified!

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