#Chip tunig for the Mercedes GLC

30 / August 2022
Chip tunig for the Mercedes GLC

Seletron Performance

Mercedes GLC gasoline and deisel chip tuning additional units


The Mercedes GLC is a car (available in SUV or Coupe versions) that has been popular since its inception. It replaced the squarer GLK and is widely seen on the road, almost exclusively in diesel versions but with no shortage of turbo-powered examples. The GLC is a direct competitor of the Audi Q5, and you need only compare measurements and engines to realize this. They are practically superimposable! The drive is a permanent all-wheel drive (called 4Matic), and the automatic transmission is a 9-speed planetary transmission.


The most popular engines on the road for Mercedes GLC (at least for now since both new diesel and gasoline engines have arrived) use the well-known 2200 diesel engine that on the GLCs has been offered with a single turbocharger (170hp and 400Nm of maximum torque) and bi-stage supercharger (204hp and 500Nm of maximum torque). In a moment, we will discuss how to increase the power of the GLC 220d and the GLC 250d, but first, let's review the other powertrains.


Although much less common, the GLC 350ds are also seen on the road with the more powerful 3.0V6 diesel with an impressive 258hp and 620Nm of maximum torque. The sportier drivers can rely on the GLC 43 AMG powered by the 3.0 V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine with 367hp and 520Nm of maximum torque. Then among the gasoline engines, there are two 2000 16V turbocharged direct-injection engines that compete directly with their Audi Q5 counterparts. These are the 211hp GLC 250s (twin-scroll turbocharger and air-water intercooler) with 350Nm of maximum torque and the very rare (at least in Italy) GLC 300 with 245hp and 370Nm of maximum torque with the same supercharging system. They are both engines with direct gasoline injection systems, two overhead cam axles, and four valves per cylinder.



How to increase the power of the Mercedes GLC using an additional chip tuning unit?

Naturally, as SELETRON has a wealth of experience with diesel and turbo-petrol engines, it shows in CHIPBOX. The 2200 turbodiesel engine has been one of the most popular engines in the world. Mercedes has installed it in many models in its extensive catalog and with different power ratings. By intervening on the common-rail injection system and turbo pressure management system, CHIPBOX generates optimal increases in power and torque, which we will go over specifically in a moment. The same goes for the 3000 V6 turbodiesel, which gets excellent increases in (already good) performance.


As already mentioned, the gasoline engines have 2-liter front-mounted direct gasoline injection systems. Then the CHIPBOX chip tuner acts on both this injection system and the turbocharger pressure producing outstanding increases in horsepower and torque. The 3000 V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine already starts with very high performance, but by acting on injection and turbos, it is possible to obtain very attractive increases in horsepower and Nm.


Remember that by ordering CHIPBOX CONNECT, you can also manage your Mercedes GLC's performance boost with your smartphone! You read that right, with a special APP developed by SELETRON, you can manage the engine performance of your Mercedes, whether diesel or turbo-petrol! Now, however, as promised, the following section will give you an idea about what kind of increases you can get on the most common GLC engines.


How much can a chip tuning additional unit increase the power and torque of a Mercedes GLC?


Mercedes GLC 220d 170hp – +32hp and +65Nm torque increase

Mercedes GLC 250d 204hp - +35hp and +60Nm torque increase

Mercedes GLC 350d 258hp - +35hp and +65Nm torque increase

Mercedes GLC 250 211hp - +35hp and +50Nm torque increase

Mercedes GLC 300 245hp - +35hp and +70Nm torque increase

Mercedes GLC 43 AMG 367hp - +40hp and +80Nm torque increase


If, in addition to the increase in power and torque, you also want to make driving even more immersive, in addition to the CHIPBOX chip tuning module, you can install the PEDALBOOSTER accelerator pedal module available for many Mercedes models, including the GLC. This second chip tuning unit is a synch to install on the accelerator pedal of your car and drastically reduces the throttle response lag of the engine, making it very snappy!


Don't worry; PEDALBOOSTER also has different settings, and you can adapt it to various driving conditions. Like CHIPBOX, PEDALBOOSTER can also be ordered in the CONNECT version, so you can manage it from your smartphone. These devices use the most advanced technology, are produced in Italy with the highest quality automotive components, are protected by warranty, and are TUV Austria certified. Each kit comes with high-quality automotive wiring harnesses and photos of your GLC's engine. Assembly is easy, and, most importantly, no mechanical or electronic modifications are required. Just plug in the appropriate original connectors on the engine harness, and it's ready! You'll immediately get great increases in power and torque (thus increased performance) safely, and you can restore your GLC to factory settings whenever you want and without leaving a trace.



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