#BMW ECU Remote Software updates and loss of warranty

11 / July 2022
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BMW ECU Remote Software updates and loss of warranty

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Problems remapping the new BMW ECU and Warranty Voiding

In recent months we have received several reports concerning a new problem related to remapping the ECU of several BMW models. The problem relates to remapping the most recent models, which, while remapping provides excellent increases in power and engine torque (and thus performance), it also generates two problems. Let's have a look at what these problems are.


BMW warranty loss as a result of remapping the standard ECU

As mentioned in the title, especially recently (but even several months ago, we heard the first rumblings), we were contacted by the owners of several different BMW models who have remapped their ECU and then were told that the manufacturer terminated their warranty coverage. In practice, recent BMW models can communicate with the parent company through a connection capable of detecting when the engine control unit's software has been tampered with, like what is normally done with ECU remapping (via serial, OBD on recent ones, BDM, or chip replacement on older ones) for increasing the power and torque values of BMW engines, whether turbodiesel or turbo-petrol. But this is not the end of the story.


Maintenance package annulled

In addition to the loss of warranty, we already have many confirmed instances where the maintenance program (the maintenance certificate and service) previously paid for is also annulled.

It certainly seems that by signing the maintenance package, you have to agree to several stipulations, namely that if you tamper with the vehicle, it will be canceled, and then you will also lose all subsequent servicing certificates. And to finish:


Automatic resetting of standard mapping on remapped BMWs

Yes, you read that right. This also happens. How it works is that, as a result of remapping the car's ECU via a tuner who performs the electronic tuning, the car connects to the BMW's remote control system and, in addition to the warning that results in the loss of the official warranty, the software contained in the ECU's memory is reset remotely. As a result, the performance is reset to the standard performance!


To summarize the process:

-           The BMW owner turns to a tuner to increase the performance of the engine (diesel or gasoline).

-           The tuner proposes and performs the remapping of the engine control unit.

-           The preparer proposes and performs the remapping of the engine control unit.

-           After a very short time, perhaps the same night, the car connects with BMW's remote diagnostic system and reports the violation of the engine control unit.

-           The parent company then voids the car's official warranty. They also cancel the maintenance package, and the remote control system provides a rewrite of the maps contained within the engine control unit. This returns the performance to stock conditions.


Alternatives to remapping the standard electronic control unit

We have talked about it many times, and we will talk about it again. From the technical point of view, there are basically two types of electronic tuning: reprogramming the engine control unit (the one that manages all the parameters of injection, turbocharging, limiters, EGR, any DPF/FAP/ODF regenerations, and other auxiliary engine accessories such as variable geometry ducts and more) or, alternatively, installing a chip tuning additional unit that intervenes between the stock ECU (which in this case is not touched) and the mechatronic engine control system.

The chip tuning additional unit tunes some signals from the engine sensors before sending them back to the engine control unit. On certain engines, some actuators of the injection and boost system (e.g., injectors, fuel pressure modulators, turbo pressure modulators, etc.) are then directly controlled (driven). This ensures that the engine control unit is not affected in the slightest either with regards to the hardware (thus no opening of it, no replacement of internal chips, etc.) or the firmware or software (no OBD or BDM serial reprogramming), resulting in the possibility of returning everything to stock conditions at any time and without performing irreversible processing.

For well over 20 years, we have been working in various countries around the world, supplying premium chip tuning additional units (made in Italy) capable of significantly and safely increasing the power and torque levels of all makes of car. This all happens through the installation of a kit consisting of a sophisticated digital chip tuning additional control unit programmed specifically for the car model on which it is to be installed. It also comes with dedicated wiring harnesses equipped with genuine connectors that allow assembly and disassembly without having to make any irreversible or traceable changes. It is a very versatile and clean tuning (that can also be controlled by Smartphone with a special APP developed by us). Many customers also choose us in Germany, Dubai, Australia, and other European and non-European countries around the world to safely tune their supercars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, and other super sports or performance luxury cars.

If you want to increase the performance of your car (any model, whether Diesel or turbocharged gasoline) browse our online catalog and search for your specific engine. You will find the perfect chip tuning unit for your engine that is easy to install and remove and comes complete with all the original connectors. The assembly is simple if you follow the complete instructions included in each kit!


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