#Chiptuning for the Mercedes CLA 45S

20 / June 2022
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Chiptuning for the Mercedes CLA 45S

Seletron Performance

Mercedes CLA 45S, 421 horsepower not enough for you? No problem, here's the SELETRON chip tuning unit that will give you an extra +40hp and +50Nm


Did you know that the engine in the CLA 45S is the most powerful 2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine in the world (at the time of writing)? This is, of course, true of mass-produced cars, not tuned cars. This engine is a 1991cc 4-cylinder that Mercedes has raised to the remarkable power output of 421 hp using special construction techniques, a generous turbocharger, a 4-valve-per-cylinder timing system, and a special gasoline injection system assisted by very complex and fast electronic management. These are prerequisites for handling boost pressures of this magnitude and adequate and precise gasoline injections. The torque of this engine is an impressive 500Nm, and the CLA has a pretty decent standard performance. It can reach 270Km/h and accelerate from zero to one hundred in just 4 seconds.


Yet some seek more. Why shouldn't they? If the CLA can go even faster in acceleration and pickup, why not tune it? So we are here to tune them too. That said and done, we have tuned several, most recently a beautiful yellow CLA 45S! Engine revs, engine load, turbo pressure, and injected gasoline amount are all handled by the standard ECU engine control unit (which we do not tamper with in any way) and the additional chip tuning module we install. This is the specific version of CHIPBOX PETROL tuned for the potent Mercedes engine, which is laterally fitted in the CLA with the turbocharger towards the cabin and the air-water intercooler towards the front.


The power increase is remarkable, and the dyno power test recorded +40 horsepower on the power curve and +50Nm of maximum torque, bringing the peak to 550Nm with over 450hp of power. These values make the classic 0-100 test drop below 4 seconds. Imagine the pickup that this turbocharged 2-liter can generate when you put the pedal to the metal, also considering this isn't a heavy SUV but a sports car that weighs about 16 quintals and with an excellent 8-speed transmission connected to an equally excellent permanent all-wheel drive.


The very sporty owners of this Mercedes CLA 45S can count on a safe and extremely effective electronic tuning featuring an alternative to ECU remapping (which, by the way, few are able to do safely on this particular "racing" engine). As mentioned, our tuning does not rely on remapping the Mercedes ECU via OBD or BDM but simply by installing an additional chip tuning unit that works together with the ECU while leaving it in control of all engine safety parameters.


One advantage is that it is possible to restore the engine to standard conditions without having to go to the workshop that performed the eventual remapping of the ECU. In addition, the installation of the external chip tuner leaves no trace of the tuning (as opposed to many ECUs that record an overwriting of the internal maps indelibly). But that's not all. The CHIPBOX chip tuner CONNECT version even allows you to select the default power or the increased power of more than 450 horsepower from your smartphone at any time. A special APP designed by SELETRON communicates between your cell phone and the chip tuning unit via Bluetooth technology. It puts the turbocharged engine output of your CLA 45S at your fingertips, allowing you to vary it to suit your driving needs.


Not surprisingly, SELETRON boost kits for sportier Mercedes (also for AUDI and BMW, of course) are also popular in Germany thanks to the Made in Italy quality and the important TUV Austria certification that SELETRON kits have. The Mercedes CLA 45S power-boost kit has wiring harnesses with automotive quality standards and original connectors that are fully compatible with those on the engine harness at the points of engagement. The installation does not require any irreversible changes (no cutting of cables, no mechanical modifications, no ECU hacking). This means it is the ideal solution for those who want to tune their Mercedes while keeping the possibility of restoring everything to stock conditions by themselves. Remember the generous power increase obtainable with our chip tuning additional unit: +40 horsepower and +50Nm measured on the test bench!


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