#How to increase the performance of the AUDI Q3 35TFSI 150hp

30 / March 2022
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How to increase the performance of the AUDI Q3 35TFSI 150hp

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How to increase the performance of the AUDI Q3 35TFSI 150hp


Another successful AUDI model, this Q3, is well-liked and is commonly seen on the road. They are small but not small and, in fact, weigh nearly 1,500 kilograms, at least in the 35 TFSI turbocharged gasoline version. This version mounts the 1,500-cylinder inline engine with direct gasoline injection. This engine is paired with an excellent 7-speed automatic transmission that greatly helps the little TFSI handle the Q3's 15 quintals of weight. But that's business as usual; at the time of buying, many opt for the 1.5TFSI when 40 TFSI (2-liter 190hp) versions were also available on the list, as well as common rail diesel versions and the sporty 400hp RS Q3.


How does the AUDI Q3 35TFSI 150hp perform in standard conditions?


Without going into personal opinions, let's start by examining the data gathered on this Q3. As the title says, the engine power is 150hp while the maximum torque is 250Nm, constantly expressed over a wide range of revolutions. The top speed is about 200km/h, just below the claimed figure, but it may also depend on the tires (make and size). Acceleration from a standstill to 100 km/h was never less than 9.5 seconds. Numbers aside, the engine is good, and the transmission is perfect. Let's see how to answer our customers' question.


How to increase the power and torque of the AUDI Q3 35TFSI 150hp?


Our CHIPBOX chip tuning unit specifically for gasoline direct injection and turbocharged engines has been available for quite some time. On the 1500 TFSIs, it connects by simply plugging it into the original AUDI connectors on the engine wiring harness, specifically on the sensors that handle direct gasoline injection and on the sensor that handles turbo pressure. The result in terms of boost is very attractive once again. Your AUDI Q3 1.5 TFSI gets a power increase of +27hp and a maximum torque increase of +55Nm for a total of 305Nm available already around 2500 rpm.


Benefiting first of all from this increase in thrust is acceleration, the most sensitive issue of this beautiful Q3. Nowadays, from such a technologically advanced car with 150 horsepower, one expects a shorter time in the classic 0-100 acceleration. We have the solution to lazy acceleration. Recovery also becomes much more effective, thanks to the large engine torque; in fact, let us remember that this is equal to or greater than that expressed by a naturally aspirated gasoline engine with 3000cc displacement. Top speed also recovers and exceeds the value stated by the manufacturer, and the engine pushes well in all gears; in particular, the progression is very effective up to the 5th gear.



See how in a few minutes you can install the CHIPBOX in your Audi Q3 35 TFSI


How to make the Q3 35TFSI 150hp even sportier?


We have just talked about how our chip tuners can immediately bring a +27hp power increase and a +55Nm torque increase without mechanical or electronic modifications. Just like on the other modern engines we have discussed, you just clip the wiring harnesses provided in the kit onto the engine harness at points clearly indicated by the instructions attached to each SELETRON chip tuner (complete with photos of the specific engine). You can also order the electronic accelerator pedal add-on module if you want to make your Q3 TFSI even sportier.


It easily mounts on the Q3's pedal position sensor and eliminates the delay in engine response to accelerator pedal commands. The result? The Q3 becomes even sportier, feels lighter, and becomes much more responsive, giving excitement when driving unknown to the standard version. This is especially true if the PEDALBOOSTER chip tuning module is installed in conjunction with the CHIPBOX chip tuning module that increases the power and torque of the turbocharged TFSI gasoline.


One thing we haven't told you yet: both kits can be ordered in the CONNECT version. Do you know what that means? That you can also manage the chip tuning additional control unit and the accelerator pedal module from your Smartphone through a special App that SELETRON provides. You can configure the chip tuner, and you can select four different throttle pedal response modes to make it more or less responsive while driving.


As you can see, the technology proposed is at the highest level, as it should be, since we are talking about tuning an AUDI Q3, a car with impressive technological features. To this, we add that all our kits are produced in Italy with high-quality components, are covered by an official SELETRON warranty, and enjoy the certification issued by TÜV Austria, an international certifying body synonymous with a guarantee regarding the quality of technologies in the automotive sector. TÜV certifications are internationally recognized and, in many sectors, are currently the basic prerequisite for market entry.


SELETRON, therefore, becomes the best choice for tuning and increasing the power and torque of your Q3 35TFSI 150hp!


Remember: a 27 horsepower increase and +55Nm maximum torque are available with this kit


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