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I built in the box and the booster in my 116d today. Its mind blowing !!! The car made not even near 190km/h on the Autobahn and 160-180 was quiet often all it could reach. Now, 210km/h into the limiter no matter straight or little uphill. I am so blasted! The Pedalbooster made the feeling complete. Ridiculus products... I am Happy !
Postato da Michael - 116d F2XLC, Munich (5/5 31-01-2016

I've had both the Chipbox and Pedal Booster on my car from the first day I bought my Abarth. The power and throttle response is 200% better than stock. The sound of the engine is so addictive. Customer service is prompt and friendly! Great job guys.
Postato da LV - FIAT 500 ABARTH 1.4L USA, Toronto (5/5 15-05-2015

I use chip box on my BMW 528, the car with it like bullet! Very good ,no lag after the start! Drive with pleasure . Thank you!!!
Postato da Anthony - BMW, Saint-Petersburg Russia (3/5 15-05-2015

Good day, Hope you are well. I am happy with the chipbox. The top end power delivery is very smooth. I drove 300km between PTA and JHB this week and ended up with a 6.1l/100km fuel consumption. It used to be 6.4l/100km. Thank you for the good service and backup support. Regards
Postato da F - BMW 320i 2013 135KW, Pretoria (5/5 09-05-2015

Good day, Please see below mails regarding the install that I did myself. I must say I did a while back and it was very easy to do. Car drives like a dream and the improvement is very good. Recently took it to a dyno day. A standard 135 ran 178kw’s on the wheels, mine did 225kw’s. Thank you for your service back then! Regards
Postato da J - BMW 135I Twin Turbo, Johannesburg (5/5 05-05-2015