Apple devices

The Pedalbooster app is compatible with all Apple devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 and running iOS 7.0 or higher.

Android devices

The Pedalbooster app is compatible with all Android devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 and running Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) or higher.
Due to different Android manufacturers' specifications, pairing between the Pedalbooster and the application is not currently possible in the following cases:

  • some Huawei and Honor devices equipped with Android 7.0 (Nougat);

  • HTC and Sony devices with Android 5.0 (Lollipop);

  • Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) devices without the corrective update known as Android 6.0.1 (Security patch 2016-10-01).

For more compatibility information please contact our technical support.



How does CHIPBOX® works?
Normally, an ECU (Engine Control Unit) sends data directly to the injection system. The CHIPBOX® intervenes between the ECU and the injection system to catch the data and then optimize it according to the current driving situation. Furthermore CHIPBOX® is only active when the car needs more power, in this way you can drive without putting major stress on the engine. With CHIPBOX® we change the injection parameters, so the amount of injected fuel, the duration of injection and the instant of injection. Furthermore, the air pressure is increased up to 0.2 bar. Thanks to these optimizations you can achieve a performance increase and even a decrease in fuel consumption (maintaining a constant driving style).

How much octane (RON) does a turbo petrol engine really need?
Our maps are designed to run on 95 or higher octane fuel, however, Seletron has created a specific map for those who usually make use of fuel with lower octane numbers. Seletron always recommends you to use 95 or higher octane petrol when you require more power from your car (sport mode), but it's not necessary for normal use. Alternatively, you can use specific additives to increase the octane number in your fuel.

What is the temperature range for CHIPBOX® use?
The operating temperature range of the CHIPBOX® is -40°C up to +125°C (automotive range). However, we recommend you read the Security related paragraph, which can be found in the 'Terms of Use' page.

Does CHIPBOX® leave a trace of its installation?
CHIPBOX® is the perfect choice because after it has been removed it leaves no trace of its installation. After the removal the car turns back to the original power settings.

Is CHIPBOX® waterproof?
The CHIPBOX® is provided with such a protective treatment which allows the unit to work even in the presence of water. However, we recommend placing it in the engine compartment, so it cannot come in contact with large amounts of water.

I have a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and I'd like to install the CHIPBOX®. Is it possible?
Sure, every CHIPBOX® is programmed with a specific map, so it doesn't represent a threat to your DPF. Thus the filter functionality is not be compromised.

Can I use CHIPBOX® in different cars?
Every unit we make is specifically designed for a certain type of vehicle, however, in some cases, installation is possible on many cars after your CHIPBOX® has been reprogrammed or the cable harness has been replaced. For any further questions you can write to us using the form in the Contact page.


I own more than one car, is Pedalbooster interchangeable?
Each Pedalbooster is specifically designed for a particular type of vehicle, however in some cases installation is possible on several cars.

Can I install it on any type of car?
Yes, you can install it on all vehicles with electronic accelerator pedal.

Have I to get a car inspection once installed Pedalbooster?
It is not necessary because it does not alter the safety values of the car.

Does Pedalbooster invalidate my insurance coverage?
Since the installation of Pedalbooster does not constitute a change to the power parameters of the car, the insurance is not invalidated.

Why does the car response is not improved directly by the manufacturer?
The ECU (Engine Control Unit) is designed not to operate according to the different driving style of each person, but thanks to Pedalbooster you can adjust the acceleration to suit your needs.

What about the Pedalbooster homologation?
Pedalbooster is made according to the regulations of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) ECE R10.04.

Fuel consumption remain the same, however it depends on your driving style.

What is the impact on the life of the engine?
Pedalbooster has no impact on the life and performance of the engine.

Pedalbooster the increases emissions?
Since the maximum injection parameters are not changed, Pedalbooster does not cause more pollution.

What is the difference between Pedalbooster and Chipbox?
Pedalbooster eliminates the delay of the accelerator pedal, improving response without changing the engine performance, with Chipbox you can increase torque and horsepower in your car.


Can CHIPBOX® damage my engine?
No, because car manufacturers make their own engines with a little “extra power”, which is exploited by the CHIPBOX®. Since the CHIPBOX® enables itself only when you require more power (e.g.: in the acceleration phase), all the working parts of the engine such as clutch, gearbox and brakes wear normally, and all security features of the engine always stay untouched. However, we recommend a regular maintenance in order to maintain your vehicle in good care.

I could not find my type of car in your database, anyway it should be suitable with CHIPBOX®.
If you cannot find your car in the catalogue please contact us using the form in the Contact section.

Can I install the CHIPBOX® without any mechanical skills?
Installing the CHIPBOX® is very easy, but if you are not sure about the installation, it is better to find a garage for further assistance. For further information about certified Chipbox® installers in your area please contact us using the form in the Contact section.

What about mileage?
You can use the CHIPBOX® without considering the car's mileage. Thanks to the new technologies implemented by Seletron you can use the CHIPBOX® without any risk, many of our units are installed on new cars, from day one. However, we recommend to respect the initial breaking-in period required by car manufacturers. We also have many customers who have installed the CHIPBOX® in vehicles that have covered over 250,000 kilometers.

Can I save fuel and, at the same time, increase the power of my car? How does it work?
Experience has shown that you can have lower fuel consumption and increased torque at the same time. Many satisfied customers tell us about good fuel savings while maintaining the same driving style.