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Performance CHIP tuning
for petrol and diesel engines

Seletron Performance creates products to enhance your engine's performance

Whether you want to increase engine power, lower fuel consumption, optimize acceleration or improve the sound of your car,
Seletron Performance has the right product for your tuning. Take a deep breath, start the engine, listen to the power and dominate the road.

Seletron Performance

The best partner to improve the performance of your car

Seletron studies the best solutions to make your car more performing and offer you more intense driving pleasure.
It designs, builds and customizes exclusively additional control units and quality products, completely made in Italy,
guaranteed by the most strictly, simple and quick to install certifications, accompanied by an excellent assistance service.

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The best technologies and know-how acquired over many years of experience allow us to offer you cutting-edge products in the automotive industry.

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All our products are TUV Austria certified and therefore comply with the strictest safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements, ensuring the highest quality.

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Thanks to the collaboration with trusted partners, we test our products all over the world so that they are perfect in every condition, even the most extreme.

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We follow you from A to Z, before and after the purchase, with a widespread assistance network and qualified technicians that allow us to offer you a perfect service quickly.


Seletron designs and manufactures electronic systems and chip tuning modules that improve performance and increase the power of modern automotive engines whether they are diesel, petrol, LPG, methane, or hybrids.

The petrol additional control units and the diesel additional control units produced by Seletron represent a valid alternative to ECU reflash . Instead of remapping the engine control unit, the CHIPBOX® Chip Tuning unit is easily installable and also easily removable if necessary. This Chip Tuning unit offers countless advantages, including the fact that they don't permanently modify the engine like ECU reflash does. Unlike ECU remapping, which acts directly on the engine control unit by changing its original values, the CHIPBOX® Chip Tuning is added to the engine and only externally changes the parameters. For those who are considering whether to buy an additional chip tuner or to remap, we suggest considering the many differences between the two options. It is not necessary to hire a technician to install the CHIPBOX® additional control unit, while control unit mapping must be completed by an expert. While remapping is permanent and traceable, you can easily deactivate CHIPBOX®’s diesel and petrol additional control units in a few seconds and completely remove them with the help of the appropriate kit. If you get a new car, both the diesel and the petrol Chip Tuning unit can be removed and adapted to the new car. Any remapping, however, would be completely lost.

Anyone wishing to improve the performance of their vehicle is faced with a variety of possibilities. The installation of an intercooler is often considered. In cars equipped with a turbocharger, an intercooler is a part that cools the air entering the engine. As a result of current pollution regulations, intercoolers are being installed more and more frequently. They allow you to keep an eye on your consumption and the environment by lowering the air temperature and general operating temperatures of the engine, improving performance by lowering the emissions of burnt fuel and NOX. Changing the air filters is also often considered. Replacing the original air filters with sport air filters is a modification with considerable advantages. When the injection or ignition parameters of an engine are changed, the quantity of air necessary for its correct operation is altered. To compensate for this inevitable shortage, special air filters can be installed. The sports air filters generally refer to air filters (which can be panel or direct suction) capable of filtering a greater airflow while panel filters are suitable for smaller amounts.

In addition to these possibilities, there are other solutions for increasing your car's power. Seletron has developed PEDALBOOSTER®, an additional module that connects to the accelerator pedal in a few seconds, and is designed to improve acceleration and eliminate throttle valve delay, increasing driving pleasure. At the time of purchase, you can choose between PEDALBOOSTER® TOUCH and PEDALBOOSTER® CONNECT. Another Seletron product is EVC-SPORT, the additional electronic control unit that interfaces directly with the exhaust valve allowing you to electronically control its opening and closing to obtain a more powerful sound.

When choosing if you should improve your car and how keep in mind that: all Seletron products are designed and manufactured in Italy; that they are tested and inspected in different countries around the world and in different atmospheric conditions; that they have passed the strictest quality tests; and that they have obtained all the necessary certifications. They are cutting-edge products that guarantee excellent results, making any car more powerful in terms of its power, acceleration system, sound, and consumption. Seletron also ensures excellent pre and post-sales assistance with qualified personnel and rapid intervention times.